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Tomasz Licak

Tomasz Licak was graduated from Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense (Master, 2012) and Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen (Soloist Advanced Postgraduate Diploma 2015).

Award winning musician: Grand Prix Jazz nad Odrą 2013, Grand Prix of Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa 2010, Individual prize at Krokus Jazz Festival in 2009. Artistic scholarship from Marshal of West-Pomerania and danish programme ERMA Foundation.

As a leader and a member of many bands over the years actively performs all over the world, in Europe (mainly in Poland, Denmark, Germany, England and Lithuania) and Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar). During numerous tours have the opportunity to meet with a wide range of musicians and listeners. He collaborates with many record companies such as: Multikulti, RecArt, Calibrated, Gateway and Blackout.
Tomasz actively participates in the life of the artistic community of Poland and Denmark. In addition to regular concerts, takes part in mass events, festivals and other kinds of artistic initiatives, also as an organizer. He is the founder and leader of Pomeranian Youth Big Band, bringing together professional musicians and students. He works with “Wood & Brass Band” and the danish Big Band “1748”. Between 2014 and 2015 he had the opportunity to play with the Danish DR Big Band. He is also the initiator of Szczecin Art Ensemble.

The important part of his work is educational activity, organizing workshops and lectures addressed to music school, academic students and professional musicians. He currently teaches at the Academy of Art in Szczecin.

In music, he appreciates the challenges and new, creative situations that allow him to get in touch with other people.

Tomasz is playing Antigua Power Bell alto saxophone- AS4240AQ.