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Ting-Quan Lu

Lu Ting-Quan is one of the top saxophone players in China, one of the first generations to get involved in the musical field of Jazz.

Master Lu stays busy as the saxophone soloist in the China National Song & Dance Ensemble, the artistic director for Jazz Orchestra, the professional lecturer in Beijing Midi School of Music, and one of the judges in the Chinese Musician’s Association for Saxophone Examination. Master Lu specializes in traditional jazz riffs, delicate, precise playing style; he is adept at discovering different styles of music materials, to create a unique musical image. Master Lu is always innovative in his saxophone performances skills. His book “Tutorial on Jazz Improvisation Skill” , is widely used by a variety of passionate professional musicians.

Master Lu joined Antigua’s family since 2012 with the first exposure at Antigua’s booth in 2012 Music China. He plays Antigua Pro-One tenor saxophone (TS6200VC) and really enjoyed the sound and music comes out from the instrument. “This is truly wonderful instrument with rich resonance and beautiful tone that meets what musician’s expectation nowadays” , said by Master Lu.

Master Lu is playing Antigua Pro-One tenor saxophone-TS6200VC.