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Finefones Saxophone Quartet

The Finefones Saxophone Quartet, founded and led by versatile German saxophonist and composter / arranger Peter Lehel is among one of the most interesting saxophone ensembles in Germany.

The first CD „Funk-a-lot“, released in 2012, received rave reviews because of the impressive playing as an ensemble and the well-balanced compositions and arrangements by Peter Lehel.

With the second release „Sonority“ in 2019 the journey of FineFones Saxophone Quartet moved on to new dimensions. Alto saxophone great Jim Snidero joined the quartet as an additional voice and main soloist. Jim Snidero is one of the most appreciated alto players in the jazz world, being placed on both Downbeat critic`s and reader`s poll, as well as being a highly-succesful author. His beautiful tone and his well-conceived creative improvisations enrich the sound of this recording and program deeply. The quintet arrangements of Peter Lehel for the recording „Sonority“ cover a wide range of moods and grooves, from original compositions based on his deep knowledge about classical chamber music and jazz, a swinging new arrangement of Oliver Nelson`s „Stolen Moments“, the great ballad „I`m a Fool to want You“ featuring Jim Snidero, and a surprising version of the DOORS song „Love Street“.

With the all new, just recorded program „Mood Antigua – Slow boat to Taiwan“ the group turns to new ways again. Peter Lehel – frequently traveling to Asia for concerts and master classes – has arranged some Asian / Taiwanese flavored melodies as well as compositions by the Taiwanese saxophone players Shawna Yang, Jimmy Lee and Sam Su for the FineFones Saxophone Quartet. In addition with some new compositions by Peter Lehel the result is a beautiful combination of european and asian moods and colors, connecting the limitless sound qualities of the saxophone with beautiful melodies, classical approach, jazz improvisations and groove.

The German top saxophone players Olaf Schönborn, Christian Steuber and Pirmin Ullrich work perfectly with the leader`s soprano saxophone voice.

The FineFones Saxophone Quartet is constantly enriching the repertoire for saxophone ensembles by putting together the best of jazz, classical and crossover music sources.

Peter Lehel – Pro-One soprano saxophone SS6200VLQ
Olaf Schönborn – Model 25 alto saxophone AS4348CU
Christian Steuber – Model 25 tenor saxophone TS4348CU
Pirmin Ullrich – Pro-One baritone saxophone BS6200VLQ