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Baptiste Stanek

Young saxophonist, clarinetist and flutist, Baptiste Stanek is passionate by jazz and improvisation since his childhood. Influenced by John Coltrane, Brad Meldhau, Thelonious Monk, The Beatles…

He builts his own aesthetic with his specific tenor and soprano saxophones sound and his originals compositions.

Baptiste Stanek studied jazz in the conservatory of Music of Strasbourg (FR). After only one year, we finished his French study and has entered in Jazz Campus of Basel (CH) who study with Pr. Mark Turner and Domenic Landolf.

“What I like in jazz, it’s this infinite freedom in creation, the research of new pitches new sounds… ” said by Baptiste.

Baptiste Stanek has performed in several major clubs and jazz festivals such as JazzDor Strasbourg (FR), Des rives et Des Notes Oloron (FR), Bird’s Eyes Jazz Club Basel (CH), JazzCampus Club Basel (CH).

We can hear Baptiste Stanek in many bands such as Artmatic 4tet, Orchestre National de Jazz des Jeunes, Baptiste Stanek Quartet or also with Nduduzo Makhatini.

Baptiste Stanek is playing Antigua ProOne tenor saxophone.