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Cryogenic Treatment vs. Untreated Sound Comparison

An interesting feature of the ProOne is the option of coming in the classic antique finish, which is also cryogenically treated. Both the untreated and treated versions of the instrument tend to play with low resistance, and both are able to provide a versatile sound that can be applied to different play styles and musical genres. The biggest differences come in the timbre between the two. The untreated ProOne tends to have a smoother and rounder sound while the treated ProOne tends to be more resonant. These differences can be heard while playing, but tend to be more pronounced…

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The Powerbell Series Has a Wide Array of Finishes. Does the Finish Influence the Sound of the Saxophone?

Antigua Wind’s PowerBell series is one of the brand’s most popular instruments, and not only does it provide the player with superior feel and sound, it also comes in a variety of beautiful finishes that cater to each person’s aesthetic and performance needs. The original lacquered (LQ) finish is a classic look and feel that resembles many old and new horns alike. The red brass finish (RLQ) offers a darker, slightly auburn look that comes from the red brass body and bell. A slightly more regal finish, the splendid lacquer (SFL) has a unique crystal-like pattern which is…

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