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Daisetsu Sato

Born in Hiroshima, Daisetsu (Yuki) Sato grew up listening to music of different genres such as jazz, fusion, rock and R&B since his very early childhood. After graduating from high school, he moved to Tokyo to be a professional musician.

In 2015, Yukiwent came over to Taiwan as a performance musician and adviser for a Taiwanese saxophone maker.

After his return to Japan at the end of 2015, he regularly performed as a session host in many live houses.

In 2016, Yuki performed together with Grammy Award winners, David Matthew and Eric Marienthal. In 2017, Yuki as a guest played at“the Thai Festival”to celebrate the 130th anniversary of Thailand-Japan friendship. Together with KOH Mr. Saxman, Yuki performed a commemorative song, called“Yellow Sakura”, composed by KOH Mr. Saxman himself.

His band“Candy Makes you Strong” released their 1st album in 2017. Their exclusive live performance at Motion Blue YOKOHAMA and Daikanyama LOOP turned out to be a success. The band changed their name to “EOW” in February 2019, and has continued their musical journey.

Apart from playing an active role as a player, Yuki is also an official artist of “AKAI EWI”. Moreover, as the representative of “SD WINDS”, he is running various projects to get people more involved in music.

Daisetsu (Yuki) Sato is playing Antigua Power Bell alto saxophone AS4248SL.