Trumpet/Trombone Mutes


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Antigua Power Tone Mutes are crafted from spun aluminum. The acoustic design of our mutes offer a free-blowingand even response with precise intonation throughout all registers.

Available for Trumpet and Trombone:
BT-M1 Trumpet “Wow-Wow” Mute, Black
BT-M2 Trumpet “Wow-Wow” Mute
BT-M3 Trumpet Straight Mute
BT-M4 Trumpet Cup Mute
BT-M5 Trumpet Straight Mute, Black
BS-M1 Trombone Straight Mute

**These products are not available in the US.

MATERIAL Spun aluminum

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BT-M1 Trumpet “Wow-Wow” Mute, Black, BT-M2 Trumpet “Wow-Wow” Mute, BT-M3 Trumpet Straight Mute, BT-M4 Trumpet Cup Mute, BT-M5 Trumpet Straight Mute, Black, BS-M1 Trombone Straight Mute

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