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Lee Mayall

Lee Mayall, “the saxmachine”, was born in Salzburg, (Austria). He describes himself as a Swabian Englishman with sensitivity, ambition and full of power.

“I see playing the saxophone as my vocation,” said Lee Mayall.

He has been playing the saxophone since his childhood. He was six years old when he was at a double concert with his uncle, John Mayall, and Fats Domino. He knelt with Fats Domino’s saxophonist by his open saxophone case and had a chat about it. In the case was a very old saxophone and there were family photos attached to the lid. As a boy he could feel the strong connection with the saxophone as if it were a member of the family. Since that time he has known that the saxophone is his instrument and he belongs on the stage. He has always loved his saxophones and after oiling them, he used to put them into bed next to him and they are still extremely important to him!

Lee Mayall has played concerts with various artists such as John Mayall, Xavier Naidoo, Sabrina Setlur, Sydney Youngblood. Weathergirls, Sarah Connor and Melanie Thornton Band, musicians of Söhne Mannheims, Brosis, Bap.

“Learn to play from your heart, away from notes. Just turn off your head sometimes. The best way is a mix of both,” said Lee Mayall.

Lee is playing Antigua Power Bell alto and tenor saxophones- AS4240CB, TS4240CB.